Farmhouse Kitchen Island / Cart

farmhouse island

Kitchen Island/Cart
Total Cost – $28.00
I finally finished the farmhouse island/cart. It seems like it has taken forever, with the heat and starting school back, there has been little time to work on projects. I so happy to finish this project and having gotten to use some of the reclaimed wood we have been collecting for the farmhouse kitchen table, I can not wait to start the table.
The inspiration for this mini island or cart, came from Ana at Knock Off Wood. I just love her island and I wish I had the space for a large piece like that in my kitchen. I don’t but I do however, have this little nook beside my french doors that I have been trying to find something to fit there for years. I decided with a little adjusting I could make the same design on a small simpler scale. It took a bit of pencil and paper work and rework to get the measurements, but I got it figured out. After that part was done it was a easy project to build.
The final size of my island/cart is 30”H x 26”W x 21”D. The supplies I used were:
Reclaimed wood for top – FREE
Reclaimed 4×4 – FREE
1x6x8 Pine Board – $4.96
1x3x8 (5) – $6.25
2x4x8 – $0.00 Extra I had laying around
Heavy Duty Casters (4) – $11.00
Screws – $5.00
Kilz – Had
White Paint – Had
Walnut Glaze – Had
Polyurethane in Satin – Had
The hardest part was notching out the 4x4s for the 2×4 supports. Once that was done the rest of the cuts were easy and assemble took little time. I hope next time I remember to paint the pieces first before painting. Painting all the 1x3s and sides to the island after it was assemble was a pain in the neck. It took the longest time.
After assembling the base of the cart, I primed, painted, distress the paint by sandpapering some of the paint back off, and then I added a walnut glaze. For the reclaimed wood on the top I sanded and added 2 coats of polyurethane in satin. The wood worked wonderfully with the polyurethane, it gave it a glow but kept all the weathered uniqueness of the wood. I then added the casters so as needed the cart can be rolled around the kitchen for extra space. It will come in handy this holiday season.
sanded wood
This was a great project and has made me want to get started on my kitchen table. I have almost all the wood I need for it and look forward to building it.
farmhouse island side view farmhouse island close up distress
Love the top Distressed