the iron chandelier with plain shades, the current look.

plain chandelier copy

what it looks like with no shades. Neither looks bad just there is no personality.


Now to give it some personality the only supply needed is mason jars. I had pint jars aplenty here but the lights on my chandelier were too tall for the pint jars. A quick trip to Wal-mart for a set of $8.00 quart size mason jars, and I was ready.


Screw the ring onto the mason jar and place on the chandelier, that is it. The weight of the mason jars are heavy enough to hold them in place. Since my husband has been known to hit his head on the chandelier before, I am going to take a spot of hot glue and tack down the rings to the chandelier for safety.



I have six mason jars left over and I have plans for them, I will post later in the week.