Since this is a rental home, putting up beadboard like my mini-mudroom was definitely not an option. But I had to do something.


I thought of wallpaper….but again….rental. Then I remembered something I did in my college apartment. I almost hate to admit this, because it will definitely date me. But back in my college days, wallpaper borders were the “in” thing. So, to spruce up our boring builder beige apartment, we stapled a wallpaper border along the top edge of our living room walls. The key word here being “stapled”.


So I decided I would find myself a nice wallpaper that I could staple to the wall in our drab little mud area. Then, while shopping with my sister-in-law Saturday evening, I saw some uber-fabulous damask heavy weight wrapping paper in celery green. And I decided to go for the bold. Remember how I said that this house would help me push my design style in a new direction? Well, this celery green damask paper did just that!









The Shabby Nest: Gift Wrapping Your Walls~.