Animal friendly fake taxidermy *tutorial*

This is one of the funnest projects I’ve done and this is my first piece.  He’s a bubble gum pink wild boar rug.  No animal products were used here.

First I bought a rug head mold, complete with glass eyes and a plastic jawset from Van Dykes taxidermy.  I also purchased some high quality long fake fur, some magisculpt, and with the help of my glue gun, a little acrylic paint and my husbands hair clippers…I got some pretty cool results!

This first pic is the foam base…after I sculpted around the eyes and snout to make him look a little more scary…..I painted his gums too….

I glued the fur on his head, cut around the face with the clippers…gave him a little mohawk…..

Then I cut out a 6 foot long body, lined it with heavy velveteen and gave him some ears and a goatee……

Voila!  Taxidermy…guilt free and better than the real thing!  LOL!  But seriously…I’m pretty darned excited about making more of these.  If anyones interested in trying it…I’ll elaborate more on details. Grin