Vanity Case over on Etsy has some of the most clever suitcase conversions I have ever laid eyes on. Can you say mini bar?

I always loved this side table from Budget Living. Make one yourself with help from Apartment Therapy or buy one from The Society of Good Eggs.

Why not a suitcase chair and ottoman to match your suitcase side table? MaybeDesign has a super duper fun option.

Over on the Bitter Betty Blog you can find out how to turn an old suitcase into a mobile craft studio.

If you were my sister Hope Perkins of Hot Pink Pistol when you ran out of canvas to paint on you might opt for a suitcase instead.

You might recall this clever suitcase earring holder by Kelly Ferrell from our How Ya Hanging – Make Your Own Jewelry Displays.

If you took the tour of my house on Apartment Therapy you might have noticed I have a few vintage suitcases around my digs.

I believe this dog bed in a suitcase won the 2008 Design Sponge DIY Contest. If it didn’t, it should have. I want to make one for my dogs, but I’d need a steamer trunk. Make one yourself with help from The Wren or buy one from Vintage Renaissance on Etsy.

I’m digging all these fun uses for suitcases that have nothing to do with hauling clothes, how about you? I keep all my class supplies in old suitcases so when I teach (check out my class schedule) I just carry my suitcases with me for everyone to dig through. I have one filled with vintage beads and charms and another stuffed with vintage fabric scraps! Know any other fun uses for a suitcase that I am forgetting?

Naughty Secretary Club: Trendy is as Trendy Does: Suitcase Conversions.