THE ORIGINAL: (quite beautiful and inexpensive, but…)

Universal lamp shade polygon building kit

MY SUGGESTION: (she uses dollar store materials, her end product has a really white finish and she provides detailed instructions- see below and  reference the above pic link for more info.) kerrym says:

I’m in Canada, too.  I made mine using those super-flexible plastic cutting mats sold at the dollar store.  They come in different colours, but I used the clear/white-ish ones.
DIY mod light.jpg
Sep 30, 2010. 8:42 PMtangela says:
Plastic cutting mats? The ones that are sold for chopping vegetables on and such?
Oct 1, 2010. 6:41 AMkerrym says:
Jun 19, 2010. 4:33 PMgiannacl says:
thats beautiful! how many pieces to make that size?
Jun 19, 2010. 6:46 PMkerrym says:
This one is the 80 piece variation
Jun 19, 2010. 7:39 PMgiannacl says:
one more question (blush): what size did you choose?
Jun 23, 2010. 5:23 AMkerrym says:
I just measured them, and each piece is about 5″ long and 4 1/4″ at its widest point. The finished light is roughly 15″ in diameter, 11″ high.