The idea of building a home hangout down the garden was born in November 2009, after many seasons spent outside sitting around an open fire playing musical instruments jamming with my friends, we decided it was just getting too cold for it and dreamt up the idea of building something using recycle materials. We’d all heard of people building sheds from pallets and so we jumped on the net and had a good look around.

After stumbling across your site amongst others it was a done deal, my brother in law Tom works for a camping shop warehouse and as such had a plentiful supply of pallets coming through the doors every week, he had a word with his boss and we suddenly had 206 pallets to hand.

In the March of this year (2010) I hired a van to collect the pallets and spent a day with Tom and my good friend Russ shifting that lot, back breaking work but so rewarding as well, just knowing what was coming.

Day 1 206 Pallets in my garden
Floor down and walls going up (brother in law Tom there)
Floor down and walls going up
Walls up and temporary roof on
Starting the cladding, door in
Cladding done and stained

Since March I’ve been busy building the ultimate shed at the bottom of my garden, the base is made from pallets, the walls are made from pallets, the roof is pallets covered with grade 3 OSB board, all the cladding is pallets and I’ve paid out a little more than most on the
build as I wanted it to last a long time, so the roof joists, insulation, OSB roof boards and the roof covering which is a massive sheet of rubber is all that has been bought new for the construction, oh
yeah and a bunch, well actually a lot of nails and screws 🙂

I was donated a front door by a friend and my windows came from my neighbour who was having new uPVC windows installed, bit of a result really. Floorboards were picked up from a local reclamation yard, I had to pay for those too but they were pretty cheap to be fair.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the results, especially so as I had very little wood working skills before the build and was not even a very keen DIYer, now, I’m a changed man 🙂

I hope you enjoy the pics and feel free to add anything here to your site – well done and hopefully together we can start inspiring more people to build with pallets, rather than see the wood just end
up on the bonfire or in landfill.

Kelly Hutchinson
The UK